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Today, science and technology has great importance in the entire world. Development is our need science and technology has great importance in it. Non renewable resources can be used for the limited period of time. Then there is only one solution is that to increase uses of renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power and sun power or solar energy. solar energy is the best alternative among all the alternatives.

Vardan solar power is medium to provide the solar energy to present and coming generation. We are the leading exporter and supplier of high efficiency excellent quality of product such as solar panel, solar lantern, solar street light, solar home lighting system, solar inverter solar garden light, solar cooker solar water heater and complete range of solar equipment.

Our company is passionate about innovative, improved and deliver high quality of product and services to our customers through a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced professionals.

The supply and demand of energy determine the course of global development in every sphere of human activity. Sufficient supplies of clean energy are intimately linked with global stability, economic prosperity, and quality of life. Finding energy sources to satisfy the world’s growing demand is one of society’s foremost challenges for the next half-century. The importance of this pervasive problem and the perplexing technical difficulty of solving it require a concerted national effort marshalling our most advanced scientific and technological capabilities.

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