Why Vardan Solar Power?

We do not just offer a job, we offer a best career.

Vardan Solar Power builds strong relations with employees based on mutual trust and respect. Our strength lies in our highly skilled and motivated work force. We look forward to appoint people with talent, inspiration and sense of adventure for taking themselves and Vardan Solar Power to greater heights.

Our Culture

Vardan Solar Power fizzes with a unique combination of technical innovation and creative flair clubbing outstanding work with imagination, action and fun. The "joy" of delivering excellent work is reflected in the physical environment we operate in.

The casual work attire and an open-informal interchange of thoughts and ideas across different levels of management make Vardan Solar Power one of the most preferred choice for aspirants in this region. We have a tradition of facilitating continuous improvement through surveys, feedback sessions and informal groups formed and managed by employees.

Current Openings

Vardan Solar Power is always on the lookout for talented, energetic team players, business consulting, sales and marketing. Let us help you to attain the skills, position, and success that you deserve.

Email Us - career@vardanvsp.com

Happy To Help You, Vardan Solar Power

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