Solar Home Lighting System

It is a very small unit enough to power a medium sized house. One 18W Table fanl pedestal fanlwall fan plus 2 nos of 3W LED lights are provided along with the unit. The system will work on DC power and will give a 5 hrs back up.

The Solar Home Lighting System offered by Vardan Solar Power is the high performance, complete & easy to install. Incorporating years of experience & the latest solar technology, easy harness the power of the Sun to provide reliable & cost effective electricity. These systems supply electricity for lighting, entertainment & information to homes that are not connected to grids or where it's quite erratic. The solar home system is an excellent solution for household electification in rural areas.

A Typical standalone Solar photovoltaic home system comprises PV modules for charging the battery, Solar deep cycle battery for storage, a charge controller for the safe charging & discharging of the battery, lighting luminary & provision for connecting other loads (Radio, Tape recorders, Portable TV etc.) as well as complete set of installation hardware.

The battery & SPV module rating are selectable as per the requirement. We provide as easy-to-use illustrated use's manual for easy installation & trouble free usage.


  • Safe & Easy to install.
  • Free from noise, smoke & pollution.
  • Requires very little attention.
  • Possible to expand the system in future.
  • Available in different configurations.
  • Elegant & efficient light units.
  • Provisions for operating extra loads.
  • Hightly advanced charge controllers.
  • Longer battery life ensured.
  • Adequate protections & indications.

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