Solar Lanterns

Solar Lantern is a portable light source like a traditional Lantern which gives omni directional pure white light. It consist of a solar photovoltaic module, sealed maintenance free (SMF) lead acid battery, charge controller & DC-AC inverter for lighting the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).

Highly efficient two step charge controller protects battery from over charging & deep discharging. High frequency inverter offers high efficiency, more light output & long service lige to the CFL lamp.

"Super Star" Lantern's are available in three models.


  • Non polluting, inexhaustible energy from the sun.
  • Omni directional pure white light
  • Safe & easy to operate
  • Excellent protections & Indications
  • Rugged & attractive body made of ABS plastic
  • UV stabilized acrylic diffuser
  •       LED LAMP : 3watt led
          Solar Panel : 10watt
          BackUp : 8hours
          Batteris : Lithium
          Price : 100 USD

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