Solar Torches

We offer high quality Outdoor Solar Torches based on LED technology. This type of lighting device is provided with a hi-tech LED protection circuit and long lasting burning hours. These Solar Powered Torches are made of high grade acrylic fibers using cutting edge technology.

You can buy our LED Solar Torches and lamps that are widely accepted for their key features such as eco friendliness, higher illumination effect and longer service life. These devices are available in different sizes and illumination capacities to cater to the specific needs of the home owners as well as security personnel.

Our Solar Powered Torches & LED Solar Torches highly appreciated for their high performance and portability which makes them an ideal choice in remote areas. Besides this, these can also be used in agriculture industry and securities agencies.


  • Super white Led’s max power.
  • Change by solar panel or AC 22VO - 250V.
  • It can continue working for 5-10 hours after charge fully.

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